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Begin by downloading and installing the desktop application at Download CallerID. On the install window,  just click the launch link if you have the prerequisites installed, otherwise click the Install button.

CallerID is simple to use and helps you manage your incoming phone calls. It uses minimal system resources and stays out of your way while you are working by utilizing the task tray. By creating a list of blocked calls, you'll never have to deal with annoying and unwanted calls.

When you first start CallerID, you'll be show shown an dialog window so you can select the modem that will be monitored. If there are no modems installed on your PC, the program will exit.

Main Window:

CallerID starts in the task tray by default.

Look here for the application and right-click the icon. Click the Open CallerID menu item to display the main window. You can hide the main window by clicking the Hide menu item which will return CallerID to the task tray.

The main window displays a log of your incoming calls, a list of your blocked calls and a menu bar.

The Log tab show your incoming call information. Columns can be sorted by clicking in the header row. You can quickly block any number in this list by double-clicking the left column of the number.

The Blocked Numbers tab displays the numbers that you are blocking. Select any row by clicking on it and then use the Edit or Delete buttons to manage that blocked number. Use the Add button to add a new number to block. Use partial number to block large groups of numbers. For example, you could enter 1555 for the number and this would block all calls from area code 555.


This dialog window is used to set the applications options.

Modems: this tab lists the modem installed on your PC. You must select the modem that will be monitored by CallerID. This should be a caller id modem. The CallerID Command text box and the Test button will help you determine if your modem qualifies. You should note that your phone line should also have the Caller ID option which is available from your land line provider.

Startup: this tab lets you determine if CallerID automatically starts when your PC reboots and if it starts normally or hidden in the task tray.

Server: this tab lets you create an account on the CallerID server and upload incoming calls to your account. You can then access your call Log from anywhere on the internet. The CallerID Server web address is You will need your account name and password.


The Tools menu provided tools to backup and restore your incoming Log and Block Numbers. This two lists are automatically backed up every 24 hours and only if there has been any changes to either one.


Click this menu item to hide CallerID in the task tray.

Compliant Modems:

The following modems have been tested with CallerID.

StarTech External V.92 56K USB Fax Modem – Dial up Data Modem

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